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We create pioneering market intelligence that enables clients to better understand and navigate their markets.



Our research reports provide unique and in-depth market intelligence on the Irish and European structured finance sector.

Our data collection and aggregation techniques combine with a professional report development service to provide you with the latest information on competitors, clients, activity and trends across the market.

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The core data assets we have developed provide comprehensive coverage of service providers.

Our data includes: audit, administration, legal counsel (issuer/arranger/sponsor/trustee), listing agent, trustee, collateral manager, sponsor, paying agent, arranger, registrar, and investment manager.


We believe that time is precious and that a picture can tell a thousand words.

That’s why our interactive dashboards sit on top of our core datasets, providing you with a visual experience that makes intuitive sense.

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About the Company

Founded in 2018 with a passion for leveraging the power of data, Atlantic Star Consulting delivers powerful insights into key markets for some of the largest companies in the world.

With a background in data analytics, Managing Director Dominick Barrett has spent his career amassing millions of data points and distilling these down to create simple, actionable insights for decision-makers.

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We serve firms operating in the Irish and European structured finance industry, across several service areas including audit, administration, legal, tax, trustee and investment management.

Our clients include major professional service firms, who operate across several jurisdictions and serve a worldwide base of clients.


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