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Irish SPV Report

Our globally syndicated quarterly review of the latest data on the Irish SPV sector.

About the Report

The Irish SPV Report provides a regular, reliable source of analysis on the Irish structured finance and securitisation since it was first launched in mid-2018.

This complementary report is syndicated by the Irish Debt Securities Association, providing a valuable independent source of quarterly research for members of the IDSA.

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  • FVCs
  • Other SPVs

Data: Central Bank of Ireland / European Central Bank


Irish SPV Report Plus +

Go deeper into the latest data on the Irish SPV Sector with our combination Plus + product.

This offering combines a further quarterly update on the latest data from the Central Bank of Ireland with an interactive dashboard that you can use at any time to explore the data your own way.

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Benefits of Plus

Deeper Insights


More Data

Interactive Dashboard

We believe in empowering decision makers and analysts, which is why we developed our Plus + product range.

This combines our comprehensive research reports with database and dashboard access, enabling you to explore the latest data in your own way and at your own pace.

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